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Getting your site onto First Page Google - Organic Search (Top Ten)

If you already have a website:-

To protect your website from any external access and to protect D.A.P SEO methods and systems from exposure to third party it is the policy of D.A.P not to access your actual website or place the SEO system files on your existing website server. Instead we build (At low cost approx. 150 - 300 depending on number of pages) a ghost site that is virtually identical to your existing site (A Ghost Site consisting of most populous pages). This Ghost site will be hosted by D.A.P so that no third party access to the server and internal workings is possible. The SEO systems will be integrated into this Ghost site once the Google analysis has been performed and you have decided which phrases and areas you wish to target. The site reaches the top of Google for a high % of the targeted phrases, and the site seamlessly takes visitors to your original site as soon as a visitor interacts with the ghost site. You then convert this site visitor into a customer when they make an enquiry.

If you do not have a website already:-

We can design and build your website with content input from yourself relating to your business and complete the project together to completion and satisfaction. This site will be hosted by D.A.P so that no third party access to the server and internal workings is possible. The SEO systems will be integrated into your new site once the Google analysis has been performed and you have decided which phrases and areas you wish to target. You OWN the website but D.A.P Own the SEO systems and these are only left in place on the website whilst you continue to contract to D.A.P for Google Exposure.

Choosing Key Phrases:-

You will no doubt have some idea of some keywords that you think are relevant to your business but there is no point in paying us to get your website on First Page Google (FPG) for a particular keyword if nobody actually types that keyword in Google Search. The beauty of the process here at D.A.P is that before we agree on targeting any keywords for you we run a Google analysis based on keywords that you suggest. This analysis not only returns an average figure for monthly searches typed on Google in that area but also returns other key words that potential clients DO type and returns a figure for how many searches are made for those keywords too.
     We then sort a large list of keywords into popularity order and you can then decide which keywords are worth targeting. For most businesses it is also important to know how far from your location that you wish to cover. Basically considering what distance potential customers will be prepared to travel to you, or the distance for you to travel to them if you are a tradesman business for instance. With this in mind we can then agree on a list of locations (Towns or Areas).
     Once you have the keywords and the areas we can then combine these to make a final comprehensive and definitive list of Key-phrases to reach the top of Google for with your website.

Explanation of Keyphrases.

A Key phrase is the combination of a Keyword and a town, for instance 'Painters and Decorators in Newcastle' or 'Plumbers in Basildon' etc etc.

To get an idea of the amount of keyphrases you may wish to contract to please imagine the following scenario: -

You are a Gardening & Landscaping Business in Brentwood Essex. The Google analysis shows that the top ten most popular typed relevant phrases in the County/Borough on google are:

Garden fence, Trellis panels, Garden gates, Garden fence panels, Wooden gates, Artificial lawn fitters, Garden landscaping, Gardeners, Fishpond maintenance, Shed erectors.

Looking at a map of the surrounding area, you are prepared to travel up to a distance within the circle drawn

So you choose to target the following areas:

Pilgrim's Hatch, Shenfield, Billericay, Brentwood, Warley, Ingrave, Little Bursted, Herongate, East Horndon, Dunton Wayletts

So in this scenario you have 10 keywords and 10 areas to cover. This makes a total list of 100 Key Phrases.

So phrase No.1 is 'Garden fence Pilgrim's Hatch'
     Phrase No.2 is 'Garden fence Shenfield'
     Phrase No.67 is 'Garden landscaping Little Burstead'
     Phrase No.100 is 'Shed erectors Dunton Wayletts'

Obviously you do not HAVE to limit your keyphrases to 100, you can have more phrases and more towns if you wish.

Explanation of costs:

1) The monthly premium for the SEO package is 1 per keyphrase when (and ONLY when) your website is on the first page of Google (FPG) that month. If 50 of the above phrases bring up your website on FPG this month then the premium would be 50.

2) There are other costs as mentioned in the process chart. The cost for domain, hosting and maintenance of the site or ghost site is 40 per month payable as a standing order from the start of contract for the 12 month period of contract.

3) To build a standard static brochure website for a business costs approximately 500 (one-off design and build fee) dependant on number of pages and level of complexity. OR If you already have a website then the one-off cost to build the ghost site will be approximately 300 (one-off build fee) dependant on number of pages and level of complexity.


The time taken to build the site depends largely on the conveyance of information from you the client to allow us to build the site or ghost site but can be as quick as 1-2 weeks. If you delay or just take the necessary time to get it right then of course the site design or and/or build can take longer.
   You will need to provide information about your business that you want to be included in your website. You may want to provide images yourself to us or select images from a selection that we garner from descriptions given by you. You will need to make decisions on site layout and navigation, the delay of which can lengthen the time to complete.
   Once the site build is complete and the keyphrase list is decided and agreed there are about 40 hours of work in building the SEO systems which will work to push your site to the top of Google. We do not charge for those hours, we hope to retrieve a break even situation in the first year by achieving close to 100% of your phrases so that the 12 months of premiums equals the 40 hours of work done. For this reason it is not viable to take on a client with less than 10 keywords and 10 areas.

Once the systems are in place the timescale of the Google exposure can vary but usually tends to be along the following lines: -

1st month - don't expect any phrase to show your website on 1st Page Google (FPG)
2nd month - about 10-20% of your phrases show your website on FPG
3rd month - about 20-30% of your phrases show your website on FPG
4th month - 50% + of your phrases show your website on FPG

Then gradually increasing toward the 100%. Most often the figure flattens out around 70%-80% of your total phrases but then we will tweak the systems for the phrases that are not showing signs of becoming successful and then we aim towards 100% .

The more phrases that are successful, then the more your premium will be up to a maximum of 100 (in this scenario) BUT each one of those 1 successful phrases is a big business opportunity for you.


As mentioned above the client enters into a 12 month contract with D.A.P during which period additional phrases may be added by the client if required but contracted phrases may not be removed until after 12 months from date of introduction. This is because of the intense work in building SEO systems for the phrases at the point of introduction. This work is not charged for on the understanding that the client will remain in contract for 12 months. If the client withdraws early then those hours worked will be chargeable, the detail of which can be found in the contract templates at the bottom of this page.
      After 12 months the client can usually see clearly if the Google First Page Exposure is generating an increase in business income and decide to continue or not into a second period. New contracts will then be signed for a further 12 months.
      There are two parts to the contract as described in 'Explanation of Costs' earlier in this page.

1) Domain/Hosting/Maintenance Contract - corresponding to the 40 per month standing order.
2) Google SEO First Page contract - corresponding to the 1 premiums for monthly Google positions reported to client.

Templates of these contracts can be viewed here >>>

Hosting and Maintenance Contract Google SEO First Page Contract

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