Keyword ranking google Basildon SS14 1EB Basildon Keyword ranking google

We Put your Website onto First Page Google (Top Ten) Organic Search.
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Keyword ranking google Basildon

Basildon Keyword ranking google

Dean Parkin : MD
NCC Qualified Systems Analyst/Designer & Programmer


Keyword ranking google Basildon

Many Website Optimisation companies focus their attention on Content Optimisation and include Pay Per Click (Expensive Google Adverts) in your campaign instead of producing First Page (Top Ten) results in the Google Organic Search for you the client.

At D.A.P the focus is on achieving First Page Google Organic search results for your website. We DO achieve this for our clients (and at low cost) as you can see if you click on the examples link and view live clients current Google positions.

We also analyse the keywords on Google first to ensure that we target only high volume Key phrases that are relevant to your business thus generating maximum opportunity for turning the exposure into business for you.

  • This is NOT pay per click Ads. Each phrase costs only 1 per month! (only payable when your site is in the top ten) regardless of how many prospective customers click on your site. The more the better!

  • Guaranteed Top Ten Google - Or No Premium Payable

  • Free Google Analysis to determine the search volumes and key phrases that are actually searched on Google each month in your area.

  • Then the most searched relevant key phrases are the ones that we target (with your agreement) and place your site in the top 10 on Google.

  • Our SEO methods work for all businesses

At D.A.P we are at the top of the tree for keyword ranking google in Basildon

Basildon Keyword ranking google

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